Stockton Forward

Stockton is a strong and proud community that is moving forward despite current economic and budget challenges. Business and community leaders gathered to create Stockton Forward, a coalition that is highlighting the positive progress being made in the city and region. GrassrootsLab created the web and social media presence for the initiative. Media generated by coalition and online activity has included KCRA, the Sacramento and Modesto Bee.

Launch Site

Strong Cities | Strong State

Strong Cities | Strong State is an initiative to connect the services provided by cities in California to the high quality of life their residents enjoy. GrassrootsLab originated the concept of Strong Cities, desgined and launched its website and adminstered the program while profiling hundreds of California cities.

California Propositions

CaliforniaPropositions.org first launched in July 2008, the site provides both objective analysis of current and future initiative efforts as well as organizing and advocacy tools to help individuals and/or organizations promote their issues. The site drew over 150,000 visitors during the final weeks leading up to the November 2008 election, and has repeatedly demonstrated success in drawing high volume traffic in successive election cycles, breaking 300,000 visitors in the 2012 cycle.

Launch Site

Save Your City

SaveYourCity.net was launched to support the League of California Cities’ advocacy efforts surrounding the 2009 State Budget negotiations. Collating user generated videos from hundreds of mayors and councilmembers from around the state, the site garnered widespread media attention, including coverage by KCRA (Sacramento), the Los Angeles Times and the DrudgeReport.

Matsui for Congress

Integrating leading edge organizing and online fundraising tools,GrassrootsLab designed and launched the web and social media presence for Congresswoman Doris Matsui's successful re-election bid to California's 6th District in 2012.

Launch Site

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