Research & Reports

California City Manager 2015 Report

Drawing from GrassrootsLab's proprietary database and city manager biographies carefully compiled by the GrassrootsLab team, California City Manager 2015 Report offers a snapshot of the current pool of individuals who are charged with some of the most crucial responsibilities in city government. By highlighting significant statewide trends as they pertain to city managers' educational and professional background, annual salary, and gender composition, we can have a more concrete understanding of the professional path to municipal management.


As the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) worked to integrate economic research and data to its overall workplan, GrassrootsLab worked with dozens of local elected officials and city staff to identify best practices and success stories in local economic development. Final reports from GrassrootsLab research identified areas of potential opportunity for collaborative activity among local government organizations and connected cities with the high quality data generated by SCAG.

State Building & Construction Trades

The State Building and Construction Trades Council of California (SBCTC) is to improve the health, jobs safety and economic conditions of the members of its affiliates, and of all working men, women and minors in the construction industry. GrassrootsLab has advised and conducted research on behalf of the Trades regarding local government activities and trends.

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